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Ali (A.S.)     - The Miracle of Muhammad (S.A.W.
Who is this Ali?
The genealogy of Ali (A.S.)
Abu Talib (A.S.) - The Obliger of Islam.
The Birth of Ali (A.S.)
Ali (A.S.) - Under the guidance of the Prophet (S.A.W.)
The personality of Ali (A.S.)

The fate of Ali (A.S.)'s followers.
Ali (A.S.) - As viewed by the historians
The proclamation of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.)
The death of Khadija (S.A.)
The death of Abu Talib (A.S.)
The Hijrat
The Prophet (S.A.W.) in Madina
The marriage of Fatema (S.A.)
The battle of Badr
The battle of Ohad
The battle of Khandaq
The treaty of Hudaibia
The battle of Khaibar
The conquest of Mecca
The battle of Hunain
The despatch of Surah Baraat
Mubahela (Maledictory Conflict)
The expedition to Yemen
The last Hajj
Ghadeer -e-Khum
The Last days of the Prophet (S.A.W.)
The will of the Prophet (S.A.W.)
The death of the Prophet (S.A.W.)
The conspiracy of Saqifa
Abu Bakr becomes Caliph
The regime of A bu Bakr
The usurping of Fadaq
The death of Fatema (S.A.)



After Abdul Mutallib’s death his son Abu Talib (A.S.) (Ali’s (A.S.) father) became the Amir of Mecca and the trustee of Kaaba (as Abdulla the elder brother had died earlier). Like his father Abu Talib (A.S.) too took upon himself the duty of being the host of the pilgrims of Kaaba. He became so popular that the Arabs began to call him "Baizatul Bilaad" [Ibne Aseer].


Apart from being the trustee of Kaaba, Allah bestowed upon Abu Talib (A.S.) the honour of being the guardian of the Prophet (S.A.W), who had lost his father even before he was born, and his mother had died when the Prophet (S.A.W) was hardly six years old. Abu Talib (A.S.) stood with the Prophet (S.A.W) for more than forty-five years risking his own life and the life of his children. He, however, never submitted to the threats of the enemies of Islam. Perhaps it was this affection and sacrifice of Abu Talib (A.S.) that developed and took the human form of Ali (A.S.), who though was only thirteen years old but never for a moment left the company of the Prophet (S.A.W) and continued with the mission his father had left for him till the end of his life.